Piattaforma concorsi a premi

Development and customization of our software platform for the prize competition

Our software platform allows participation in a prize competition through:

  • Access to a dedicated mini-website;
  • Access to a web page designed exclusively for tablets;
  • SMS/WhatsApp service;
  • QR code scan ability;
  • Access to a dedicated APP.

Our technological platforms support user registration, automatic and random assignment of instant wins, upload of user-generated content, content sharing on social networks, a voting system and much more.

  • Competition platform development;
  • Creation and implementation of graphic executives;
  • Selection of winners using Instant Win software and the final ballot of the winner;
  • Software Expertise;
  • Hosting capacity built on regulatory compliant machines;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Real time back-office access with data on registered users / winners;
  • Content moderation (photos, videos, texts, etc.) uploaded by users.

Other services