Prize Promotions in Italy

Prize promotions, games of chance or games of skills, are allowed in Italy but are also strictly regulated by law (Presidential Decree 430/2001).

Italian law requires, according to art 5.2 (decree DPR 430/2001), that only an Italian company, or a foreign company with a branch or a fiscal representative in Italy, is allowed to run this kind of promotions in Italy.

Moreover if a company is going to run an international promotion, it should keep in mind that it’s not possible to include Italy in international multi-country promotion. To avoid significant fines from the authorities, the only legally compliant solution in these cases is to create a separate promotion in Italy with separate rules and prizes dedicated to Italian residents to ensure full compliance with Italian law.

It is strongly advisable to appoint an agency like ourselves specialised in this field who can support the promoter in communication with authorities and all practical issues.

We are able to deal with all bureaucratic requirements on behalf of our clients and offer fiscal advice in order to calculate the amount of payable tax for the promoter.