Prize competitions

IPM430 organises different types of prize promotions at a limited cost, which is predetermined according to the specific needs of every single client.

Each type of prize promotions is normally aimed at reaching several marketing objectives, such as increasing sales during the promotional period, increasing brand visibility and brand awareness, increasing consumers/users’ engagement, increasing cross-selling or creating a client database for direct marketing purposes, as well as profiling activities.

These are only some types of promotional initiatives you could take into consideration in your marketing plan:

  • Final prize draw (game of chance);
  • Contest (game of skills);
  • Instant win;
  • Rush & Win;
  • Scratch & Win;
  • Online prize competition;
  • SMS prize competitions;
  • Whatsapp prize competition;
  • Instagram contest;
  • Facebook contest;
  • Artistic contest and professional competition;
  • Free gift promotion;
  • Cashback
  • etc …

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