International prize competitions

The Italian legislation restricts the scope of prize competitions to the National territory only, with binding rules concerning Italian companies working abroad.

For a company which intends to launch an international competition, it is important to check local laws governing prize competition in each country involved and to check that the following points have been assessed:

  • Legal feasibility of the promotion;
  • Need to obtain authorisation (or equivalent) from local authorities;
  • Value and type of prizes;
  • Drafting of terms and conditions in the target language/s;
  • Possible fiscal implications for the promoter;
  • Check of the claims used in the promotional material;
  • Checking local privacy laws.

IPM430 is able to assist you when you decide to launch international competitions or promotions, taking care of all legal and fiscal aspects in the countries involved.

We have organised various international competitions for important multinationals thanks to a well-established partnership with a network of reliable, expert local law firms.

France, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Australia, China and Japan are just some of the countries where we have worked.

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