How to run a prize promotion

These are the key bureaucratic procedures to follow if you want to run a prize promotion in Italy playing safe and compliant with our legislation:

  • Draft Terms & Conditions according to Italian law
  • Obtain an insurance bond or bank guarantee (fidejussione assicurativa o bancaria) to guarantee 100% of the total value of prizes
  • Obtain any other documents if required (i.e. declaration of software integrity, etc.)
  • Notify the Ministry for Economic Development at least 15 days in advance of a promotion starting (or advertising of the promotion starting), sending all documents required via a dedicated ministerial platform (PREMA CO/1 form)
  • Pay two taxes: a) VAT on prizes becomes not deductable b) the promoter has to pay a 25% withholding tax (ritenuta IRPEF) on behalf of the winner (consumer)
  • At the end of the Promotion, selection of winners has to be supervised by a public notary or an official appointed by the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Winners management and collection of documents required from winners
  • Prize delivery within 180 days from acceptance of prizes by winners
  • Closure of the Promotion (upload the final declaration via the MSE WEB service, CO/2 form)

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