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WhatsApp based competitionsp

WhatsApp based competitions

WhatsApp based prize competitions are the novelty of the moment! They represent an extremely interesting and innovative alternative to SMS based prize contests.

In fact, WhatsApp is an undoubtedly useful channel for the “buy and win” format where users are required to send the receipt data via WhatsApp to a dedicated number.

However, it also supports other types of promotional activities. Using WhatsApp engages users by asking them to perform certain activities and document them via text, photos, video and/or audio.

To hold a competition entirely through WhatsApp, companies must ensure that the competition platform is capable of integrating with WhatsApp through its API.

It is advisable to carefully check the general policy on the conditions of use of the platform and check for any limitations imposed by the app itself.

In addition to the legal and administrative management service of a prize competition, we are able to provide a perfectly integrable and secure competition platform that works with WhatsApp.

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