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Web based Competitions

Web based Competitions

Web based contests include many other categories of more specific contests and which differ in how their promotional strategies are structured.

In general, what all web based prize contests have in common is a registration phase on the promoter’s website or on a website specifically dedicated to promotional activities.

Registration is usually easy and involves filling in some personal data into a form. The choice of personal data required from users is a sensitive matter. It is best dealt with in partnership between the marketing and the company’s internal privacy manager.

Within the registration process, it is mandatory to request users to acknowledge the rules of the competition and give consent to the processing of their data for the purpose of administering the competition. In addition to this consent, there is a requirement to gain consent to use the personal data for marketing and communication purposes, which must always remain an optional consent!

Once the registration is complete, the user is allowed to participate in the competition depending on the kind of process to follow.

For example, after the online registration, the user may be asked to enter a game code found on a promotional postcard, or enter the receipt data certifying the purchase of a promoted product, or complete a simple game or questionnaire etc.

Despite the spread and success of phone apps and multiple social networks, web based prize contests using the promoter’s website or presented through a website dedicated to the initiative still have several advantages:

  • They create a base that can be used to benefit the company in future initiatives and editions;
  • They benefit of the increased site traffic to promote new products and/or services;
  • They generate data that allows companies to clearly profile their clients, future customers and better align direct marketing activities.

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