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SMS based Competition

SMS based Competition

In the case of SMS based prize contests, the user participates in the contest simply by sending the required data via SMS to a confidential number (e.g. the unique game code, receipt data, a keyword or the answer to a question, etc.).

SMS prize contests usually combine well with Instant Win mechanisms, where following the validation of the message, the special software allocates the winnings randomly. The winner immediately receives the winning notification via SMS.

SMS based competitions have considerable advantages especially in their capacity to respond effectively to specific marketing needs: the SMS channel is a simple channel with a wide reach. It guarantees high accessibility to the contest and is very useful for “buy and win” strands as it can manage even a large volume of bets really well.

In addition to the SMS based competitions, WhatsApp competitions also respond well to the same needs. In fact, WhatsApp today represents a valid alternative to the SMS channel.

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