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Scratch & Win Competitions

Scratch & Win Competitions

Scratch & Win Competitions are usually characterised by an instant win modality.

These include scratching, cancellation or lifting of material to uncover a promotional card to discover possible winnings.

In Scratch & Win prize contests, a predetermined number of winning cards are inserted among all the cards distributed.

The winning card itself is considered to be the document that certifies the win.

The contest modality with Scratch & Win offers players a fun, simple and immediate experience of participating in the contest.

From a legal point of view, it is important to know that the compound declaration signed by the printer must always be provided to the authorities.

If the goal of the promoting company is to generate new leads, an interesting variant of the Scratch & Win prize contests could be “Scratch & Discover”. Usually, with this slight modification, end users scratch the hidden segment of the card and a code is revealed to them, allowing them to play for wins on a website dedicated to the initiative. Once on the website, the users must register, enter the code and find out if there was a win or not.

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