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Rush & Win Prize Competition

Rush & Win Prize Competition

Rush & Win competitions are contests in which the winners are determined on how quickly they have been able to fulfil the conditions set out in the regulation.

In practice, Rush & Win contests follow this structure: the first X number of participants who carry out a certain action get one of the prizes that are up for grabs.

In organizing Rush & Win prize competitions, two particular aspects should be considered:

  • The modality of awarding prizes: the methods should be objectively verifiable. The promoting company must be able to provide evidence of the speed of the participants who have managed to win the prize.
  • Consolation prizes for non-winners: the promoting company must always provide consolation prizes for non-winners.

Rush & Win competitions can be successful in terms of high levels of participation if they are set up and managed properly and communicated widely and strategically. The modality of a Rush & Win contest in itself creates a sense of haste and excitement in the minds of customers as they rush to participate in the contest and get one of the prizes.

While designing a Rush & Win Competition it is useful to take note of the following:

  • Choose prizes with a high perceived value (ensuring a high level of attractiveness for potential participants);
  • Outline an effective and appropriate communication plan to generate the “rush” effect at the start of the competition.

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