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Mobile Device Competition

Mobile Device Competition

Mobile Device Competitions are communicated to potential participants through a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Given the far reach and high use of mobile devices, it has become almost essential for promoting companies to structure and design prize competitions and the promotional activities with a mobile-first logic, 100% optimized for this channel.

There are great advantages to this type of contest including an effective reach and involvement of a large number of users, while they are on the move, or directly at the sales point.

The modality of creating a valuable set up can be multiple:

  • Through dedicated applications (Apps);
  • Mobile site;
  • Messaging/chat (for example SMS, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.);
  • IVR Services.

The Mobile Device Competitions allow for the use of engaging and diverse promotional mechanisms that are of great interest both to the promoter and to the end users. These range from more traditional methods such as SMS based Contests or Telephone Contests (IVR) to more innovative ones such as:

  • WhatsApp contests;
  • Check-in and win contests;
  • Contests with virtual treasure hunts;
  • Custom User Generated Content (UGC) contests;

Competitions with QR code and augmented reality.

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