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Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are medium-to-long term promotional initiatives aimed at facilitating purchases, encouraging upselling and cross-selling of products and services while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction levels.

Loyalty Programs are structured and layered marketing initiatives. They often include various promotional sub-mechanisms that act in synergy to create added value for the customer. Within a loyalty marketing program, the following can be combined: prize competition, prize catalogue, a reward system for loyalty card holders, etc.

Loyalty Programs persuade consumers to purchase and show loyalty to the product or service with the attraction of the provision of prizes, advantages and benefits.

How can loyalty program effectively help to establish valuable relationships?

  • The program must be based on simple processes that are easy to understand and access;
  • It must make the experience of buying and consumption more fun;
  • It must be creative and original (a little supporting technology can help);
  • It must be consistent with the brand’s values;
  • Must offer prizes of high perceived value (not necessarily economic value);

In addition to the legal and administrative support required to fulfil the obligations required by law, we offer all support services required to successfully organize a loyalty program. This includes research and selection of prizes, creation of graphic materials (catalogue, stamp collection sheet,, etc.), providing technological platform (such as help with registration, a personal area with points calculation, request for rewards upon reaching the necessary points threshold, etc.).

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