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Jury based Prize Competitions

Jury based Prize Competitions

Prize competitions decided by a jury are skill based contests where users must demonstrate a certain skill in order to participate and win. These can be, for example, a skill to create and share content (photo, video, text, etc.), make a drawing or build an artistic project, or undergo a contest of physical or mental ability, etc.

In such a competition, the winners are judged by a jury. The jury may be a “popular” jury – this means that users vote for the winner. Or the jury may be a “technical” jury of experts, appointed by the promoting company, which would meet at the end of the competition to determine the final winners.

Companies often opt for a mixed system, which involves shortlisting a group of finalists through a popular voting system and then finally deciding on the winners using an expert jury. This kind of mixed system guarantees greater security to the sponsoring companies against possible attempts to hack the voting system or attempts to create multiple fake user profiles, etc.

Italian legislation does not outline any mandatory requirements relating to the composition of a jury. The jury is decided upon by the promoting company at its complete discretion.

During the voting phase, the jurors must cast their vote following a system of criteria/parameters which need to be clearly explained in the rules of the prize competition.

Voting must be completely impartial. To guarantee the impartiality of the vote, the voting phase promises the anonymity of the participants. The names of the winners are shared only after the selection of the winning content or performance.

However, following the legal obligation, the selection of the final winners is supervised by a chamber of commerce official or a notary who has the task of ensuring that everything is carried out in accordance with the regulations.

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