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Instagram based Award Competition

Instagram based Award Competition

Instagram is a platform with many design-based strengths that can be used for promotional initiatives aimed at end consumers. Instagram provides ease and immediacy of use, portability and the possibility of digital content going viral.

Prize based competitions using Instagram are an excellent opportunity for companies to engage their customers in photo or video contests related to key brand themes.

To participate in an Instagram prize contest, the user must share content (whether it is a photo, video or text) using their Instagram account and include the dedicated hashtag of the contest.

It is usually a jury appointed by the promoter that evaluates all the content shared by the participants and ensures that all submissions are made correctly. The jury then decides the winners.

As with Facebook based prize contests (or contests using any other social media platform), Instagram based prize contests also require particular attention to be paid to the platform’s policy on the conditions of use and the directives of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy to avoid any penalties.

For Instagram related competitions, it is useful to know that:

  • Instagram is a social network with servers located abroad which could pose a problem for Italian laws and legislations. However, following recent changes made to the MIMIT, it is now possible to usemirroring services or similar systems. This important change paves the way for multiple technical solutions that allow the competition directly on Instagram as is the case all over the world.
  • There are some aspects of Instagram that are prohibited such as the popular voting system through ‘likes’, given that the main server of the platform is located abroad and Instagram is not willing to release any software expertise or declaration.
  • If the social network with a server located abroad is the only participation channel, it must have a local partner (this is impossible, though, given that Instagram, like other social networks, refuses any association to the promotional initiatives of the promoting companies due to company policy).

However, this obligation does not hold if all participants are already registered on Instagram before the start of the event!

Finally, it is always advisable to check the latest FAQs issued by MIMIT, in which the Ministry further explains the rules that the promoter should follow for prize competitions on social networks.

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