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Competitions with International Prizes

Competitions with International Prizes

Competitions with International Prizes are mostly needed by companies that operate in a global market.

However, the Italian legislation restricts the scope of prize events to the national territory, thus placing limits on Italian companies operating abroad.

For a company intending to launch an international prize competition, it is important to check the local regulations regarding prize competitions for each country involved and to ensure that the following points have been taken into consideration:

  • Legal feasibility of the promotion;
  • Requirements of permits (or equivalent) from local authorities;
  • The value and type of prizes to be won;
  • Processing of the regulation in the target language(s);
  • Existence of tax implications for the promoter;
  • Verification of the claims used in the promotional material;
  • Adherence to local privacy

IPM430 is able to support you in launching International Prize Competitions, in one or more countries simultaneously, ensuring that all local regulatory and tax requirements are met.

Thanks to our consolidated partnership with a large network of reliable and noted law firms across the world, we have carried out several International Competitions for important multinational companies.

France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Russia, USA, Australia, China, and Japan are just some of the countries in which we have garnered a vast and successful experience.

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