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Competitions at Shopping Malls

Competitions at Shopping Malls

Prize contests at shopping centers take place inside shopping malls and usually involve the presence of promoters and representatives from the promoting company.

The most suitable promotional mechanisms for a Shopping Mall Competition are:

  • Contests using tablets: Representatives make tablets available to users to register and participate in the contest;
  • Contests with boxes: Representatives distribute promotional postcards among shoppers that must be filled in and inserted in the appropriate boxes to participate;
  • Competitions with multimedia kiosks or customizable symbol: users are asked to interact with promotional machines and usually find out immediately if they have won or lost.

The use of promotional machines can greatly increase the attention of visitors to the shopping center (or the particular store) thanks to the use of sound and visual effects to announce victory.

The organization of prize competitions at shopping centres has many advantages:

  • increased traffic within the centre,
  • direct and immediate contact with potential consumers and,
  • high visibility of the brand and promotion of the contest.

IPM430 has designed and organized various promotional activities aimed specifically at increasing traffic within shopping malls using promotional mechanisms that involve the direct involvement of visitors and potential consumers.

IPM430 offers complete support from undertaking all provided government regulations for carrying out the competition to supplying materials and devices for the successful realization of the promotional event.

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