Social Network Competitions

Social Networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, in general represent a privileged channel to contact your clients directly. Competitions launched through the Social Networks increase registration of new users on the promoter’s official social page, as well as strengthening the bond between your company and your previously registered users, through a direct real time communication.

Social Networks offer interesting opportunities to companies, and prize competitions provide a particularly skillful approach to attract new registered users.

For example, a company organising a competition on Facebook can obtain a detailed profile of users taking part, can take advantage from the viral spread of contents and significantly increase customers’ engagement.

Competition on Instagram are another interesting example. This social media is ideal for organising prize competitions because it is easy and quick, available for free on all mobile devices, has a highly viral connotation, is focused on sharing highly appealing contents online (photos and videos) which can always be geo-localised. In addition, a key aspect is the use of dedicated promotional hashtags for sharing contents; they allow to filter contents published on Instagram which is intended for a specific competition, and to define a theme to share and interact with which is closely related to the promoter’s brand.

However, it is important to be aware of the terms and conditions of the different Social Networks in order to avoid illegality and it is particularly important to be aware of the stringent rules laid down by the Ministry of Economic Development which are subject to constant change.

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