Mobile (Smartdevice) Competitions

Mobile competitions are promotional initiatives which end users/consumers take part in through a mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc).

Given the market penetration of mobile devices in our country, this type of initiatives is very effective at reaching and involving high number of users/consumers within one’s target group.

Users may enter mobile competitions in different ways, according to the mechanic adopted:

  • dedicated application (app);
  • mobile site;
  • messaging/chat (for example SMS, Whatsapp, Skype etc);
  • IVR services

Mobile competitions have paved the way for very popular promotional mechanics which are attractive for the promoter as well as for end users. The mechanics adopted range from the most traditional including SMS Competitions or Telephone competitions (IVR) to more innovative types such as:


  • Check in and win;
  • Check in and win, buy and win;
  • Virtual treasure hunt;
  • Customised User Generated Content (UGC) Competitions;
  • QR code and augmented reality.

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