Artistic Contests and Professional Competitions

IPM430 is also able to run Artistic Contests (competitions without any commercial purpose) or Professional Competitions (initiatives in which the focus is on commercial use of the work created), both nationally and internationally.

Applicable law provides that this type of initiatives is outside the framework of prize competition (presidential decree 430/2001), meaning that in these cases all the administrative obligations usually provided for, no longer apply.

“Artistic” initiatives which are not for economic gain, enable companies to improve their “social responsibility” policy, strengthening their reputation and increasing visibility in the market as a sponsor of events which are very popular with the public and the media.

“Professional” Competitions, in which the promoters reserve the right to use the works created, meaning that the prizes awarded consist in a form of consideration for the services/works provided by the winners, enable companies to involve users in the marketing process whereby the brand and products of the promoter are developed.

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