Services For Advertising And Communication Agencies

Thanks to our administrative support and assistance with paperwork, Communications and Advertising Agencies can focus on the creative aspects of the various promotional projects, together with their clients.

IPM430 has been collaborating with great success for many years with important Communication and Advertising Agencies, which have required our consulting services and/or our support in organising and managing competitions on behalf of their own clients.

We offer a flexible service, ranging from pure administrative/legal advice to seeking the prizes, provision of the prize draw software and operational management of the competition.

Our Basic Services include:

  • Competition planning and feasibility study;
  • Registered office address for your competition paperwork and administration;
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions and sending Prema forms;
  • Managing relations with the competent authorities (Ministry of Economic Development, Chamber of Commerce, Notaries, etc.);
  • Monitoring the compliance of any advertising material with the current prize competition regulations.

Upon request, we are also able to extend our services to further activities, such as:

  • Selecting prizes and services;
  • Managing prize logistics;
  • Supplying and managing software extraction;
  • Developing your competition website (mobile responsive solution) and creating Social Network applications (Facebook, Istagram, Twitter, etc.);
  • Winners management;
  • Preparation and collection of disclaimer forms.

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