Company Services

IPM430 collaborates directly with companies who wish to organise a skill competition, a prize draw competition or a free gift promotion. We are able to provide an end to end service (from the initial design of a competition to the operational management), or even just focus on a few selected aspects of the competition, according to your company’s requirements (drafting of Terms and Conditions, registered office address for your competition paperwork, legal and fiscal advice with specific reference to competitions, software platform supply, etc.).

Our services include:

Promotional consultancy

Our Services
  • General competition consultancy
  • Check the feasibility of the promotion
  • Study of customer’s promotional goals
  • Final report

Prizes Management

Our Services
  • Selection
  • Purchase of prizes
  • Warehouse service
  • Prize logistics management


Our Services
  • Anlysis of Software requirements
  • Design and implementation of software solution
  • Defining media platform (WEB, Mobile, SMS, Landline and Mobile Telephony, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Development of branded applications, advergames, etc.

Graphic and Advertising

Our Services
  • Graphic design
  • Preparation of advertising materials
  • Advertise the competition online and offline
  • CRM with integrated messaging (text messaging, email, MMS, etc.)

Administrative Management

Our Services
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions
  • Full processing of ministerial paperwork
  • Organise the final draw, select winners
  • Fiscal advice
  • Collect and review of winner’s documents (ID and prize acceptance form)
  • General assistance and contact centre

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