IPM 430 – Specialists in Prize Promotions

IPM 430 is a service company which is specialised in organising different types of prize promotions, competitions, free gift promotions, skill contests, both nationally and internationally.

Our company offers full-service consultancy to clients wishing to organise promotional initiatives, providing different solutions: Web Competitions, Mobile Competitions, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Social Network) Competitions, International Competitions, Artistic Contests or Professional Competitions (no DPR430), etc.

With the support of a talented, highly qualified team, IPM430 offers a flexible consultancy service which, according to its clients’ needs, may range from handling ministerial paperwork, to developing the concept and graphic materials for specific projects, provision of the software or mobile application platform supporting the initiatives, all the way to managing operationally the entire project.

Our clients are Companies wishing to organise a prize promotion as well as Communications and Advertising Agencies looking for a reliable partner to whom they can delegate all the administrative aspects of a prize promotion run on behalf of their clients.


Company services

IPM430 collaborates directly with Companies who wish to organise a skill competition, a prize draw competition or a free gift promotion.


Services For Advertising Agencies

IPM430 has been collaborating with great success for many years with important Communication and Advertising Agencies, which have required our consulting services and our support in organising and managing competitions on behalf of their own clients.