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International Prize Competitions

The prerequisite for international promotional projects is a trusted partner who has in-depth knowledge of applicable local laws relating to prize competitions

Rules & Regulations

A legislative framework changing continuosly

Prize Promotions Specialist

IPM430 is the IPM (International Promotion Marketing) division which is specialised in organising different types of Prize Promotions.

We provide full promotional consultancy, from feasibility studies, concept design, all the way to handling prizes, winners, all administrative aspects including submitting ministerial applications, obtaining financial bonds, appointing a public notary whatever is required by law.

Our mission is to remove all of the hassle for our clients and guarantee their promotions are always fully compliant.


How to run a prize promotion in Italy

Games of chance or games of skills, such as sweepstakes, competitions, instant win games, final prize draws or skill contests, are all allowed in Italy but are also strictly regulated by law.

We are able to deal with all bureaucratic requirements on behalf of our clients, in compliance with the Presidential Decree 430/2001, which regulates this type of activities.


Main guidelines for Italy

There are a several legal and beaurocratic requirements that a promoter must satisfy when launching a prize promotion in Italy.

Our team can help by taking care of all these time consuming and complex requirements.


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Our services

We collaborate directly with companies who wish to organise a skill competition, a prize draw competition or a free gift promotion. We are able to provide a full service, or even just focus on a few selected aspects of the competition, according to your company’s requirements.


Questions & Answers

Who are the subjects authorized to carry out prize promotions?

Prize promotions (competition, free gift promotions, etc.) can be organised only by manufacturing companies and businesses supplying or distributing goods and services, which make the object of the promotion, with the aim of advertising the company and increasing sales of the goods and services offered, as well as the visibility of the brand. Promotions can also be launched by those organisations representing business associations between companies, such as consortiums and cooperatives.

Is it necessary to request ministerial authorization in order to organize a prize competition?

Such authorization is no longer required. However, as of Art. 10, item 1, of the Presidential Decree n. 430 of 26/10/2001, the subjects who intend to launch a prize competition must preventively communicate their initiative to the Ministry for Economic Development, by applying on-line through a dedicated form called “Prema CO/1, attaching the rules and regulations of the competitions, as well as a bank deposit receipt (bank /insurance guarantee or money deposit).

What is the Prema CO/1?

The PREMA CO/1 form is the dedicated form set up by Ministry for Economic Development, to be filled out and sent on-line in order to properly communicate the launch of a new competition. The official communication of the launch of a prize competition is binding and must be forwarded at least 15 days before the beginning of the competition.